If you have a taste for fine cuisine and great service, check out our list of the 4 exclusive (and divine) restaurants in New York City.

Exclusive  Restaurants in New York City

Coco J'adore


Coco J'Adore might appear to have pretty average prices until you decide you want the caviare for dinner. Then you'll find yourself paying $1,350 for this simple dish and taking out a loan at the same time because it was more than you bargained for.

It might be best to choose anything but the caviare dish, but the reviews do say it is totally worth it. You'll feel sophisticated and chic after finding your seat and find yourself having a great time.


Le Bernardin focuses on the luxury we like to call seafood and got its start in New York after their first restaurant took off in Paris, France.

They offer a dinner menu with four courses that are priced at $160 and a lunch menu with three courses for $90. They serve things like caviare, kampachi, and striped bass with different options depending upon your specific tastes.

They also have three different tasting menus, with the most expensive being the chef's tasting menu. It comes at a price of $370 per person and includes a wine pairing. Their tables tend to be reserved a month in advance so it is always a good idea to call in your reservation ahead of time to make sure you have a table.


Jean-Georges is another restaurant under the direction of a French chef who owns numerous restaurants around the world. They offer numerous tasting menus depending upon the type of cuisine you are looking for and how much you plan to eat.

This restaurant does require a formal dress code and men to have jackets in order to enter which gives the restaurant an expensive atmosphere.

It's unclear what each of these menus cost, but you can be certain it will put more than a dent in your wallet.


One look at the small number of tables in Eleven Madison Park and you know that your bill is going to be more than you anticipated. They offer two different types of reservations with a dining room tasting menu at $335 per person or a bar tasting menu at $175 per person.